Paul Sampson, a 24-year-old former street child from Muizenberg, Cape Town, is riding the waves of success on the international surfing stage. Recently, he showcased his talent at the first professional surfing event in Liberia, the African Surfing Confederation (ASC) African Surf Tour, held in Robertsport from Thursday, 23 May to Sunday, 28 May. Paul managed to secure a silver medal in this prestigious event.

Colin Fitch, his manager from Global Athlete Management Services, highlighted the high standards of the competition. “The event, which formed part of the newly formed African Surf Tour hosted by the African Surf Confederation in conjunction with the Liberian Surfing Federation with direct support from the President and the respective government department,” he explains.

Pictured above: Paul Sampson

A Journey Fueled by Passion

Paul’s love for surfing began at the tender age of 6. “I started surfing at the young age of six and I have progressed through all levels of this wonderful sport,” he shares. From participating in the Grom Games for young surfers to competing on the professional tour in Africa under the International World Surf League (WSL), Paul’s journey is truly inspiring.

The World Surf League comprises three levels of events: the regional Qualifying Series (QS), the Challenger Series (CS), and the Championship Tour (CT), which is considered the “jewel in the crown.” Paul’s recent victories at the Cape Town Pro (QS) in Cape Town and his performance in Port Elizabeth have catapulted him to joint first on the Africa Tour.


Making Waves on the World Stage

Paul is among a select few – one of only five male surfers from Africa – to reach the second level of the WSL Challenger Series. “This is a lifetime opportunity for me to show my surfing talent to the rest of the world,” he enthuses. His upcoming competitions span across Ballito, the United States of America (USA), Portugal, and Brazil as he surfs for his place among the top 80 surfers globally.

Reflecting on his second-place win at the ASC African Surf Tour, Paul says it marked an exciting start to his international professional surfing career. “A special thanks for the second-place winnings of $2,000 (roughly R36,000) which will go a long way to the start of my 2024 Challenger Series in South Africa, US Open and Portugal,” he acknowledges.

Pictured above: Paul celebrating his victory at the Benny Hikkaduwa Surfing Competition 2023

The Road Ahead

However, the road ahead requires financial support. To sustain his participation in various global events, Paul has initiated a BackaBuddy campaign to fund his professional surfing career. He explains, “The next upcoming event will take place at Willard Beach, Ballito-Durban and thereafter I will be heading to America, Portugal, and then Brazil for the final event.”

Paul’s advice to other surfers is simple yet profound: try your best. “Remember it’s not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog. I may look like the mutt from the streets of Lavender Hill but never take this as a sign of weakness,” he asserts.


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A Call for Support

To realise his dreams, Paul humbly requests financial assistance. “I humbly request any support from fellow South Africans and to anyone abroad who can assist me to accomplish my dream.” All funds raised will be used for travelling, accommodation, food, entry fees into the competition, insurance, and taxes.

Paul Sampson’s journey from the streets of Muizenberg to the waves of the world is a testament to the power of passion and perseverance. “I would love to continue this journey as an inspiration to everyone as I believe that anything is possible when your heart and mind are in the right place,” he concludes.


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