Jace Hilse, known as Super Jace to his loved ones, is a 4-year-old remarkable young boy from Krugersdorp, Gauteng, whose imagination knows no bounds. From the moment he was born on 19 March 2020, his family affectionately called him their little superhero. Jace’s favourite activities include playing the role of a superhero or a first responder, always eager to save the day with his boundless energy and infectious enthusiasm. Now Jace is facing a challenge no child should ever have to endure, proving once again that not all superheros wear capes.


Pictured above: 4-year-old Jace Hilse also known as Super Jace

‘Jace was born via a natural water birth, and he literally came out with his one arm in the air like Superman and that is why we call him our superhero since birth. He has a big personality. He can be quite shy on some days. Most days he lives in his own little fantasy world where he is either a superhero, firefighter, policeman, and more recently a doctor.’ says Chante, Jace’s mum

The Easter Weekend in March 2024 brought heart-wrenching news for Jace and his family. He was diagnosed with B-cell Acute Lymphocytic Leukaemia (ALL), a type of cancer that affects the blood and bone marrow. Further complicating his diagnosis, Jace was found to be among the mere 3% of children worldwide who have the genetic leukaemia marker known as the Philadelphia Chromosome. This revelation added another layer to the already daunting battle ahead.

‘As his parents we felt like our entire world shattered on the day of his diagnosis and was extremely heartbroken. He is our entire world and all we want is for him to be healthy again.’ says Jace’s dad, Jean-Pierre


Pictured above: Jace with his parents, Chante and Jean-Pierre, and his grandparents, Lu-marie and Thinus on Christmas Day 2024

Jace’s initial bone marrow biopsy revealed a staggering 93% cancer cell presence. Yet, in true superhero fashion, he has shown incredible resilience. With each subsequent biopsy, his cancer cells have significantly decreased, and two months into his treatment, his bone marrow now shows only 0.2% cancer cells. This dramatic improvement is a testament to Jace’s inner strength and the dedicated medical care he is receiving.

‘Jace has received two cycles of chemotherapy since his diagnosis at the beginning of April 2024. His little body is very sensitive to the chemotherapy and his blood cell counts drop extremely fast due to this and then he has to have breaks from his treatment. He misses out on so much of the normal stuff that kids his age get to do, like playing and seeing his friends or going to go see family. Since his diagnosis his life now consists of home, hospital or the doctor’s room.’ Chante tells us


Pictured above: Jace with sister Monica from the hospital

However, the journey is far from over. Jace’s young body is particularly sensitive to the harsh treatments required to combat his leukaemia. After extensive consultations with global experts, his medical team has determined that immunotherapy is the best course of action. This innovative treatment offers the most promise with the least side effects, crucial for preserving Jace’s overall health and vitality. Unfortunately, the financial burden of immunotherapy is significant, even with medical insurance. The out-of-pocket expenses are substantial, and Jace requires two cycles of this therapy to have the best chance of recovery.

‘Jace is currently doing well, he is on a small break after his second cycle. He is playing at home and keeping all of us on our toes. His last tests came back to show that his cancer cells have dropped to 0.14%.’ Jean-Pierre tells us

To help alleviate the financial burden that they are facing, Jace’s family has started a crowdfunding campaign on BackaBuddy where they have already raised over R90 000 with the help of 59 incredible donors.

‘The money raised will help us to cover any of the excess costs for the immunotherapy that the medical aid won’t be able to cover.’ Chante explains


Pictured above: Jace riding his bike in the hospital play area

Jace’s family is unwavering in their mission to provide him with everything he needs to overcome this illness and reclaim his childhood. They dream of seeing him healthy and happy, back in school, and playing with his friends. The family’s goal is to ensure that Jace, their little superhero, can live out his dreams without the shadow of illness.

‘We would just like to say a huge thank you to all the donors for helping us in providing Jace with the best possible treatment. We can’t express our gratitude enough.’says Jean-Pierre and Chante

While there is no dedicated social media page for Jace, his family will be posting updates on the campaign to keep supporters informed of his progress. They invite everyone to join them in supporting Jace’s fight against leukaemia, demonstrating that not all heroes wear capes—some have ports.


Support Jace’s campaign here: https://www.backabuddy.co.za/campaign/super-jace